Discover the sport of cycling,

Bike with confidence and comfort,

Right from the start! 

WHY join a ‘Discover Bike Right’ clinic?

  • Learn how to cycle (for beginners)
  • Learn how to cycle in the correct and safest way
  • Gain confidence while riding on your bike
  • Challenge yourself to learn something new
  • Improve your cycling skills (for intermediate and advance riders)
  • Enjoy cycling (even more!)

WHO should sign up for a ‘Discover Bike Right’ clinic?

Anyone! Yes, that’s right! Anyone can benefit from cycling skills clinics.

From beginners to experienced riders – we offer different types of clinics to suit your level of cycling. We strive to create a safe, friendly and comfortable environment for you to learn within a suitable group. 

TYPES of Discover Bike Right clinics offered:

  • Beginners 
  • Ladies Only 
  • Kids Clinics
  • Intermediate & Advance Skills

Visit the our CLINICS menu for more details on the categories above.

Discover how to Bike Right and experience the benefits of cycling as a lifestyle & sport!